Versatile Water Storage Tanks

Using premium ALUZINC coated structural steel plate and the latest tech, we’ve taken corrugated tanks to the next level in water tank standards.

500 litres to over 1 million litres Corrosion-resistant Aluzinc steel construction Free-standing, Aluzinc steel domed roof 700gsm re-enforced PVC liner Maintenance free 5 year warranty

Oasis Tanks

Manufactured by Rainbow Reservoirs

By coupling latest technology with innovative design and corrosion-resistant ALUZINC steel, we’ve come up with affordable, 21st century water storage tanks you can rely on…

Tough    Reliable   Affordable

Taking on Africa’s most demanding conditions

Oasis tanks are AZ150 ALUZINC STEEL, NOT hot-dip galvanised (there’s a difference!):

  • Aluzinc out-performs galvanised coatings by 3 – 7 times
  • Aluzinc is utilised where long life is an essential requirement. 


  • External, galvanized steel ladder
  • Lockable manhole/inspection hatch
  • Aluzinc domed roof
  • Dust / vermin proofing

Accessory options

  •  Scour / flush drain
  • Water level gauge
  • Optional flange sizes: inlet, outlet, overflow
  • Wind turbine
  • And many more, to customise your requirements


  • 5000 litres to over 1 million litres
  • 700gsm reinforced PVC liner
  • Colour options
  • Low to no maintenance
  • 10 year warranty
  • Lifespan 40 years
  • Rapid installation
  • Easy transportation in pre-manufactured flatpack/kit form
  • Easy capacity enhancement when required
  • Easy to dismantle and relocate
  • NO CONCRETE BASE REQUIRED for smaller capacitie