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Aluzinc AZ150

ALUZINC superior aluminium-zinc coated steel sheeting can be used unpainted up to corrosive class 3. 

The coating alloy consists of 1,6% silica, 43,4% zinc, 55% aluminium, providing:

  • superior corrosion resistance, 
  • anticipated lifespan of +/- 40 years
  • an aesthetically pleasing finish
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Oasis Tanks


Aluzinc is utilised where long lifespan is an essential requirement. Formable and weldable, it readily accepts painted finishes. Aluzinc coated steel offers superior, long-term corrosion-resistance in most atmospheric conditions by combining the sacrificial protection of the zinc with the barrier protection of the aluminum.
Aluzinc steel coatings out-perform galvanized coatings by 3 - 7 times!


This extended lifetime of Aluzinc entails major environmental benefits in comparison for example, with hot-dip galvanised sheets that have much shorter lifespans i.e. galvanised requires earlier/more frequent replacement than Aluzinc. Also, once steel is produced, it is part of a constant cycle, as steel always contains recycled materials. Steel is 100% recyclable.


The surface is initially glossy metallic, maturing into a visually attractive matt-grey appearance after time.

Corrosion Resistance

Aluzinc is able to "repair" itself, making the material resistant to corrosion caused by scratches. The aluminium-zinc double-protection, anti-corrosion coating accounts for the long lifetime.

All components of our water tanks are able to be 100 % recycled