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Oasis Tanks: Your Ultimate Solution for Efficient Orchard Irrigation

At Oasis Tanks, we understand that efficient water storage and quick assembly are crucial, especially when it comes to irrigating your orchards. Our tanks are tough, reliable, and affordable, designed to withstand Africa’s most demanding conditions. Here’s why Oasis Tanks are the perfect choice for a durable and efficient water storage solution.

Quick and Easy Assembly

One of the standout features of Oasis Tanks is our quick and easy assembly. Delivered in a pre-manufactured flatpack or kit form, our tanks can be assembled rapidly, minimizing downtime and allowing you to start using them almost immediately. This is particularly beneficial for farmers who need to set up irrigation systems quickly to ensure their orchards receive the necessary water without delay.

Tough and Reliable Construction

Our tanks are made from AZ150 Aluzinc steel, which significantly outperforms hot-dip galvanized coatings by 3 to 7 times. This superior material is utilized where long life is an essential requirement, making Oasis Tanks exceptionally tough and reliable. Aluzinc’s enhanced resistance to corrosion and environmental wear ensures that your water storage solution will stand the test of time, even in the harshest conditions.

Affordable Water Storage Solutions

Affordability is another key advantage of Oasis Tanks. We offer a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality or durability. This makes our tanks an excellent investment for farmers who need a reliable water storage solution that fits within their budget.

Benefits for Orchard Irrigation

Efficient irrigation is vital for the health and productivity of your orchards. Here’s how Oasis Tanks can help:

1. Consistent Water Supply

  • Ensuring a consistent water supply is crucial for the growth and health of your fruit trees. Oasis Tanks provide a reliable water storage solution, ensuring your orchards receive the necessary water throughout the growing season.

2. Flexible Capacity Options

  • Our tanks are available in a wide range of capacities, from 5,000 liters to over 1 million liters, catering to orchards of all sizes. This flexibility allows you to choose the perfect tank size based on your specific irrigation needs.

3. Low Maintenance

  • Designed for little to no maintenance, Oasis Tanks save you time and effort, allowing you to focus on managing your orchard rather than worrying about your water storage system.

4. Durability and Longevity

  • With a 10-year warranty and an expected lifespan of 40 years, Oasis Tanks provides a long-term water storage solution, ensuring your investment pays off over the years.

5. Rapid Installation

  • The quick assembly feature of Oasis Tanks means that you can set up your irrigation system rapidly, ensuring your orchards get the water they need without unnecessary delays.

6. Easy to Dismantle and Relocate

  • Our tanks can be easily dismantled and relocated if needed, providing flexibility as your orchard expands or changes.

Why Choose Oasis Tanks?

  • High-Quality Materials: Our tanks are made from premium AZ150 Aluzinc steel, ensuring longevity and durability.
  • Quick Assembly: Easy and rapid installation, minimizing downtime.
  • Cost-Effective: Affordable without compromising on quality.
  • Customizable: Available in various sizes to meet your specific needs.
  • Low Maintenance: Designed for minimal upkeep, saving you time and resources.
  • Visually Attractive: Adds aesthetic value to your farm while providing essential functionality.


Oasis Tanks are the ultimate solution for efficient orchard irrigation, combining toughness, reliability, and affordability. Our quick assembly and durable construction make them ideal for farmers needing a dependable water storage system that can withstand Africa’s most demanding conditions. By choosing Oasis Tanks, you ensure your orchards receive a consistent water supply, promoting healthy growth and productivity.

For more information on our water storage solutions and to find the perfect tank for your orchard irrigation needs, contact us today. Let Oasis Tanks help you take your agricultural operations to the next level.